Cotswold Motor Group is a leading provider of BMW and MINI vehicles, plus BMW Motorcycle services in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. In 2017 the construction of its impressive Cheltenham Retail Centre was completed - a flagship, multi-storey site bringing together the BMW, MINI and Motorrad brands under one, truly eye-catching, roof.

Used to display and store vehicles and parts with a combined value in the millions, the provision of high quality, effective and reliable security systems was of paramount importance. The overall project required a collaborative approach from all contractors, and the security systems needed to be installed in line with strict timescales to ensure the long-term protection of staff, customers and assets.

"Allcooper delivered a bespoke security solution that met our specific needs"


Allcooper was selected to provide the security systems throughout the site, which would feature several display floors, a service centre and underground car park.

Using a combination of tried-and-tested products, Allcooper designed a comprehensive solution that would provide widespread coverage and the flexibility to manage the protection of distinct areas.

Over 30 high definition cameras were installed to guard the site and deliver excellent image quality.

Alongside the Intruder Alarm systems, the CCTV network was also linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre for continual monitoring of out-of-hours activity.

To complete the solution, electronic readers were deployed at all key entry points, ensuring only authorised in-house and delivery staff gain access to the most sensitive areas.


> Intruder Alarms
> Access Control


“Allcooper delivered a bespoke security solution that met our specific needs.

The systems Allcooper delivered complement our operation and give us the ability to stay one step ahead of activity taking place across the entire site.

Allcooper delivered an excellent job in a complex and highly-technical building.”

Andrew Hulcoop, Managing Director, Cotswold Motor Group

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