Baylis Motor Group is one of the largest independent Vauxhall retailers, employing over 380 people and operating 8 branches across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

For all of their sites, Baylis aim to provide modern, safe and inspiring environments within both their showrooms and workshops. To uphold this responsibility, and ensure effective and regularly maintained security and fire safety systems are deployed, Baylis desired a single provider who could offer consistent and reliable support to protect the company’s high-value assets, staff and customers against all risks of theft, vandalism and fire.

"Having everything maintained by Allcooper has made it easy"


Allcooper have been looking after security systems for Baylis for over 20 years. This long-term partnership has led to a deep understanding of each site’s individual operation and requirements, as well as the ability to assist with developments within the business such as the opening of new sites and upgrading of technology.

Intruder, Fire and CCTV systems are maintained and monitored by Allcooper for 24-hour keyholder notification, image verification and response in the event of an activation occurring.

Extinguishers and Emergency Lighting systems are also provided to help ensure fire safety and compliance obligations are met. Monthly reports and yearly account management brings all of this together to offer continual visibility and ease of management for the Baylis maintenance team.


> Intruder Alarms
> Fire Alarms
> Fire Extinguishers
> Emergency Lighting


“Baylis and Allcooper have worked in partnership for many years, in which time we have built a strong mutual understanding. They know each site and the level of service we expect, and we know we can rely on their systems to keep us protected.

Having everything maintained by Allcooper has made it easy to stay compliant, request support and keep track of how our systems are performing. Together with a high level of reporting and personal account management, this gives me great confidence in our ongoing security.”

David Williams, Operations Manager, Baylis Motor Group

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