Safeguarding your IT networks from physical threats

Server Rooms and Data Centres house some of your most business-critical assets. Not only do these areas store high-value physical IT equipment, more importantly, they give shelter to the foundation of your entire business IT network.

Allcooper can help safeguard your Server Room and IT network from a variety of risks such as unauthorised access, malicious damage, overheating and fire, flooding and power loss. Minimising these risks is crucial to your ongoing business continuity - just how much would it cost your business, financially and operationally, should you lose access to your network equipment and sensitive data?

Server Rooms contain your business-critical systems

Systems to protect your server room

We can provide either a standalone solution, or we can integrate Server Room fire suppression and security into your existing safety systems.

  • Access Control - Install electronic locking devices and access systems to prevent entry to unauthorised persons and minimise risks associated with keys and key management.
  • CCTV - Install a simple CCTV system to record all activity within the area.
  • Flood protection - Install moisture sensors to detect and alert to any moisture from broken pipes, leaking air conditioning units, roofs or other sources.
  • Power - Power failures are likely to disrupt your network equipment. We can detect and alert our monitoring centre if power is lost to the server room, so your internal team can work to quickly to address any issues this may cause.
  • Heat - Computer equipment can generate a lot of heat. We can install sensors to monitor temperature levels and humidity in server room environments to create an effective Server Room fire protection system. The system alerts our monitoring centre if the server room becomes too hot, which could indicate faulty equipment or signs of a fire.

Server Room fire suppression and Computer Room fire protection

We work with specialist partners to provide solutions that ensure effective fire suppression for Server Room and business IT network environments. 

A Server Room fire suppression system is designed to stop the ignition of flames by interrupting the chemical processes that cause combustion. This can be done via several methods, the most common of which includes releasing inert gases into the environment, to lower the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere to a level where the combustion of fire cannot take place.

Fire suppression for server rooms is a specialist solution due to its ability to automatically extinguish fires without the risk of causing damage to the equipment.

Our advisors can discuss the various options for data centre fire protection systems with you during an assessment of your requirements.

If you would like to discuss Server Room protection and Server Room fire suppression for your business, please contact us to arrange your free of charge surveyor visit.

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