The importance of security in schools

Whether public or independent, it goes without saying that the security and safety of your school is paramount. Alongside your commitment to delivering excellent academic and pastoral provision, you have a critical responsibility to protect your pupils, staff and assets from anything that could put them and your reputation at risk.

"Every system was thoroughly assessed and tested by Allcooper’s dedicated takeover engineers, so a strategic security and safety review could be created for the school’s estate management team."


We understand that dealing with this responsibility can be challenging. Every school is different, making it difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution. However, through our experience of working with a variety of educational institutions, we have identified some key trends.

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Latest trends in school security

  • Surveillance - With hundreds of pupils to watch over every day, the deployment of video surveillance has become a key requirement for many schools. Every CCTV camera is an extra pair of eyes. Therefore having cameras positioned throughout your site enables you to monitor a wide range of activity. The cameras allow you to see live or recorded footage of all kinds of behaviour, which could include incidents of bullying, fighting or drug use. Having the evidence to hand can help you clearly identify culprits and take the necessary action. This is made easier by the advances in CCTV technology, which now offers High Definition images and remote access.
  • Visitor Management - Controlling who can access your school is critical. Visitor management systems and procedures ensure only authorised staff and visitors are on site. Access Control is the right solution here, with systems now able to exploit biometric technology for high levels of security.
  • Training - Ensuring your staff are well-trained on how to operate your security systems. It’s crucial that in the event on the unforeseen, they have the knowledge to initiate emergency procedures and ensure the right response.

Addressing these risks should form part of an overall security strategy for your school.

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Creating a strategy for your school security systems

With technology continually evolving, so does the need for a modern and effective security and safety strategy. We’ll help you create and implement a strategy to solve any immediate issues and ensure long-term protection. Your security strategy should have a vision and incorporate physical security systems, such as your school alarm, school fire alarm, school CCTV and access control systems, with best practices for minimising risk. Ideally, this strategy should be procured, sanctioned, deployed and overseen by the Senior Management Team.


We believe in encouraging those responsible for campus security to embrace a way of thinking where security takes a prominent role in the proactive running of the school. It’s important to remember that security in schools and fire safety in schools are not simply reactive measures that must be implemented for compliance purposes. Yes, compliance to the latest standards is fundamental, but there are many additional ways security can help you better manage your school, such as being able to monitor day-to-day activity, control access to specific areas and investigate incidents captured on camera. Security also adds value, for the pupils themselves and for their parents, who will gain peace of mind knowing their child is in a safe, security-aware environment.



As well as providing solutions for safety in schools, we can also provide security solutions for Academies, Colleges and Universities. Strategies for university security must incorporate additional factors, particularly providing appropriate university security systems and university fire safety for students living on campus.

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