Preventing crime against retail businesses

As a retailer, preventing crime against your business is crucial to ensuring the safety of your customers, employees and assets. The best way to maximise loss prevention is to prepare a clearly defined strategy to address the key risks to your daily trade.

Unfortunately, risks to your security and safety can come from inside or outside your retail business. Retailers operate in an open environment where threats can come from the inside and outside.

What are the key risks associated with retail security?

External Threats

As soon as your doors open to the public, your business becomes exposed to numerous threats. These can vary in seriousness, from opportunist shoplifting, to organised crime such as robbery, assault and arson.


Although you trust your employees, you are often most vulnerable from the inside. Your employees know your processes and have easy access to stock, assets, shop safes and sensitive information. Because of this, internal theft and fraudulent activity is a very real threat to retailers and it is important to safeguard yourself from this.


Allcooper have been installing security systems for retail businesses of all sizes since we began trading in 1987. From independent shops to retails chains with stores nationwide, we’ll work with you to introduce the right combination of risk analysis and proactive technology to ensure security and continuity.

We offer a range of retail security services to minimise the risks from inside and outside your operation. The use of deterrents such as alarms, retail security tags and surveillance cameras are both essential and cost-effective. We also have the expertise to provide advanced solutions that can integrate your security with other in-store systems to improve efficiencies.

If you would like to discuss retail security with Allcooper, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

Shop Security System

The foundation of your preventative security strategy is a robust and reliable shop security system to secure your premises out-of-hours. Your shop alarm will guard against intrusion with a combination of deterrents (such as your external bell-box) and layers of internal detection.

The importance of monitoring this system is unquestionable. Monitoring means, if an intruder attempts to break-in to your premises, you will receive instant notification from our 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre. You can then take the appropriate actions, such as deploying your keyholders, a keyholding company or the Police (providing certain conditions are met), which can significantly reduce losses and potentially catch the offender in the act and stop them quickly.


Shop CCTV allows you watch over your customers and employees. We have a range of retail security cameras to monitor suspicious activity and individuals. Standalone systems that use the latest IP technology provide High Definition image quality and remote access capabilities, so you can see clear footage from wherever you are.


We’ll help you fulfil your fire safety obligations to minimise risks of fire. Without doubt, this is a major threat. Suffering at the hands of fire can potentially devastate a retail environment, to the extent where recovery simply may not be feasible. Using effective detection systems, extinguishing products, Risk Assessments and monitoring, Allcooper can help you stay best prepared and totally compliant.


For larger and multi-site retail chains, we can recommend our integrated Video Management Solutions. In addition to alarm integration possibilities, analytics allows store managers to use advanced features such as heat mapping to monitor customer behaviour. With these features you can gain insight on how to provide a better customer experience alongside providing enhanced security.

With retail security companies few and far between, look no further than Allcooper’s knowledge and experience of protecting businesses in this sector. Our consultancy services include tailored Risk Assessment, system design and project management to provide a long-term, technically-superior and compliant solution.

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