Keeping your people safe when returning to the workplace

Across the country, people are eager to return to work. However, even when current restrictions ease, businesses will have a responsibility to minimise the spread of COVID-19 within their premises. A long term legacy of the pandemic will be an awareness of how fast infection spreads within the workplace and people will expect companies to maintain protective protocols.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and our range of advanced anti-virus access measures are effective ways to help your business to:

>  Manage occupancy and social distancing in your workplace
>  Minimise contamination with non-contact access control
>  Identify individuals with a raised temperature
>  Ensure effective hand sanitation

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Discover our range of intelligent solutions


Automatically count and control the number of people allowed in an area to avoid overcrowding, support social distancing and effectively manage visitors. Wherever you need to control the flow of people, we can help make this a simple process.


  • Continually monitor individuals in and out
  • Display the total capacity - set by you
  • Display the current number of peple inside
  • Use a visual traffic light system - green for go, red for wait
  • Top down or person-facing cameras to suit environment



Multi-temperature monitoring solution

Keep people safe on their return to work with our temperature monitoring solution, an effective way to routinely check the body temperatures of people entering your premises.


  • Analyse up to 30 people at once
  • Temperature readings up to ± 0.3°C accuracy
  • Quick to deploy, permanent or temporary solutions
  • Contactless operation from up to three metres away
  • Easy to set up and remove.





Workplace access procedures are currently under increased scrutiny, particularly around the touching of high-use surfaces. Using access control devices that require no contact, we can help your organisation move towards touchless entry and exit.


  • No touch entry/exit
  • Compatible with most existing access control systems
  • Quick to install in place of current ‘push to exit’ buttons
  • Operating distance can be set between 3-12cm
  • Long lasting, cost-effective solution.




Through a constant connection to the Securitas UK Operations Centre, Remote Video Solutions give you peace of mind that your CCTV systems are fully operational and your site is protected, 24/7.


  • High quality CCTV, fully managed by Securitas
  • Add response services to proactively deal with risks
  • Manage social distancing using camera analytics
  • Connect speakers to broadcast audio safety reminders
  • View live video footage anywhere via an App


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