Security on Construction Sites

For the construction industry, building site security presents many challenges. From large multi-storey developments to small home extensions, every building project is different, and can take place in almost any location.

Construction projects can be short or long-term, with some lasting many years. As each project progresses, the requirements for effective building site security and safety change, making it difficult for project managers to find one steadfast solution.

We can help your construction project stay secure

Threats to construction security

Construction sites are regularly subjected to criminal activity. Sites become vulnerable when they are unattended, especially at night when equipment is left exposed. Assets such as materials and tools are common targets for thieves, as well as other valuable equipment such as machinery and vehicles. 


Allcooper provide security and monitoring technology that can be rapidly deployed into environments where construction security is needed. Our solutions are flexible, effective and designed to be managed easily by the site manager or person responsible for overseeing site security services. Using our systems can even remove the need for manned security guarding and patrols. We can also provide technology to help monitor the ongoing progress of a building project, and the staff and sub-contractors working on site.

Wireless Video Alarm Systems

An alarm system with integrated video recording - this system operates in the same way as a typical intruder detection system, but also allows you to see exactly what has triggered the alarm, in the event of an activation. This is perfect for monitoring perimeter fences and access points.

Each sensor has a built-in camera. If motion is detected in range of the sensor, the camera records 10 seconds of footage and sends it instantly to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a mobile network. The ARC will review the footage and contact you only if there is a genuine security threat, meaning you don’t receive false alarms caused by anomalies such as animals. The cameras are completely wireless and battery-powered, so they can be installed quickly into any location on your site.

If your project requires a long-term surveillance solution, construction site CCTV is an option to consider. This really does depend on your project timescales - we mostly recommend wireless video alarm systems as they are more flexible to adapt to the dynamic nature of a construction project.

Many construction security companies focus on one type of product. Our service portfolio means we can provide a comprehensive safety solution that can incorporate multiple types of technology. We can integrate additional intruder detection (such as a perimeter alarm system) and construction site fire safety - our advisors will discuss your individual concerns before recommending a solution for construction security that will provide the right level of protection for your needs.

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