The Need for Church Security

It is an unfortunate fact that religious and historic buildings, such as churches, are at high risk of suffering at the hands of criminal and anti-social behaviour.

As they can be isolated and are often unattended at night, threats such as theft, vandalism and arson are common. The effects are not only devastating for those responsible for the building, but the surrounding communities too.

Systems to keep your place of worship safe

Helping you create your church security plan

We understand that no place of worship is the same - some buildings are very old, some are new and some are listed. Some have thick walls, some are big, some are small, some are in cities and some are isolated in the countryside. Their security precautions need to be flexible and versatile, tailored to meet their individual needs.

We understand that a church is a place that is often open for people to come when they need or want to. Unfortunately, not everyone respects the specialness of this and thus sometimes it is necessary to protect the church and its people. We also understand that individuals may be lone-working in these environments, which can leave them feeling vulnerable.

Due to the complex structure and layout of many religious buildings, conventional security systems are often tricky and expensive to deploy. However, by evaluating your concerns, the key threats to your church and your budget, we’ll work closely with you to create a security plan that minimises risks and provides effective protection for when you need it.

If you would like to discuss church security with Allcooper, please contact us to arrange your free of charge surveyor visit.

Our range of church security systems

Allcooper can provide many types of security technology to protect your church, and we’ll design our systems around its unique environment. We’ll work with you to find the best solution whilst ensuring we take great care. We won’t drill unnecessary holes, interfere with décor or put security on display to disturb your congregation. We will be discreet but effective – wireless systems are perfect for this.

  • Intruder alarm systems - Systems to deter thieves and raise the alarm in the event of intrusion. Individual artefacts and assets can be protected as part of this system using vibration sensors and similar devices.
  • Panic buttons - Can be linked to the intruder alarm and installed at specified locations. Panic buttons are ideal for the personal safety of clergy, wardens and maintenance staff who may be lone-working.
  • Churches fire safety - As well as providing security for churches, we can ensure you are best prepared to deal with the threat of fire. Fires can be caused accidentally by naked flames and faulty electrical equipment, or intentionally by arson. We’ll advise on fire detection systems and extinguishing equipment to offer early detection of fire and ways to reduce losses. Fire systems can be linked to your intruder alarm system to safeguard your church from fire risk.
  • CCTV - Church security cameras allow you to see live and recorded footage, inside and outside the building. We can also provide the option to view your church video camera remotely, for peace of mind when you’re not there.
  • Roof alarm - With lead theft one of the biggest concerns for churches, one of the most commonly requested solutions are roof security systems. A roof alarm can be integrated with your intruder alarm to notify you if these areas are under threat from thieves.
  • Escape of water detection - Integrating the intruder alarm system with moisture sensors to alert to any sudden ingress of water, caused by a leak or flood.
  • Wireless technology - Many of our systems are wireless which means there’s not need to use extensive cabling to connect systems together. We can avoid disturbing delicate brickwork and help to protect hard-to-reach areas e.g. the rectory or vestry.
  • Monitoring services - allow us to link your system to specified keyholders and/or the Police for 24-hour response.

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