Security systems for all kinds of industry sectors

For over 30 years, we’ve installed security systems for customers in all kinds of industry sectors. 

Whether you run a shop, look after a school or own your own farm, you will have your own set of unique security challenges. However, our experiences have shown that there are often many common trends amongst businesses in specific markets.

We can apply security to any business environment

What is the best security system?

Business security is a broad term. Alarm systems, security devices and equipment for fire prevention differ in many ways. Reading security system reviews may give you some ideas, but deciding on the best security system for you requires a deeper understanding of your individual risks and requirements.

At Allcooper, we believe the best security systems are those that have been designed specifically around your business, following a thorough assessment and understanding of your unique operation and environment. Systems should be installed and maintained professionally by an accredited company, and continually reviewed as part of an ongoing partnership that ensures a future-proof solution.

No matter what type of business you need to protect, we’ll help you find the best solution.


Discover our solutions for specific business sectors, including a case study for each:

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