System Design Services

Once the Risk Assessment process has been completed, we will generate a comprehensive and integrated design for your security and safety systems.

This design will, as a matter of priority, be designed to be discreet, aesthetically sympathetic and compliant to security standards, whilst being completely effective. We also ensure you benefit from the latest technology and innovations hitting the market.

We design systems to meet the highest standards

What does security system design include?

The design will include all of the security system requirements identified by our security consultant in the security assessment report. The security architecture incorporates the location, position and coverage of each device of each system. Our technical design team can also utilise building plans to draw up a security blueprint.


At all times our teams follow security best practices to ensure your security system requirements meet the highest safety and security standards. Throughout the design process we maintain total security awareness of the risks, challenges and need for simplicity. Our final design will be reviewed before being handed over to our installations team. At this point, we’ll work with you to agree a timely implementation schedule.


If you would like to discuss security system design with Allcooper, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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