Security Risk Assessments from Allcooper

In order to understand the security risks to your business, security companies should always provide you with a Security Risk Assessment. Here at Allcooper, this is standard practice.

Why is security risk analysis important?

Conducting a security assessment allows us to review your existing provision and recommend ways to build upon this, or whether a new strategy is needed. The overall objective is to produce a proposal that helps reduce security risks to your property, assets and people, in line with long-term objectives.

In-depth analysis of your security & safety risks

What's covered with a security risk assessment?

We’ll focus on all aspects of your business security. This will include a full survey of your site(s), understanding your business sector, operation and concerns. We’ll analyse any security technology already deployed and its effectiveness. It may be that an existing system is already providing sufficient protection, or that it could benefit from an upgrade using new products and technology.

Throughout the assessment, we’ll work closely with you, keeping you fully aware of our findings and recommendations for your security risk management.

You can be sure that taking steps to reduce your security risk will ensure long-term value and confidence in your security systems and strategy.


If you would like to discuss security risk analysis from Allcooper, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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