More than just technology

Here at Allcooper, we believe security and safety requires a considered approach, incorporating more than just technology. That’s why our services go beyond simply installing systems. Over 30 years of experience has shown the importance of working closely with every customer to provide tailored advice, security consultancy and reporting.

Although there are many security consultant firms, with Allcooper, you’ll gain a partner capable of being both your security consultant company and electronic systems provider. This combined approach ensures that when you need security advice and knowledge of the latest technology, you only have to go to one place.

Strategic advice and planning for future-proof security

Your security consultant for the long term

Throughout your time as an Allcooper customer, we’ll be there for you as your business’s trusted security consultant. Our security consultancy services include careful planning, risk assessment, security design and project management. All aspects work together to ensure you are best prepared for the long-term to prevent, monitor and deal with any unplanned threat to your business.


These are the three key results we set out to deliver for each of our customers.

  • Protection of your people, property and assets
  • Compliance to the very latest safety, insurance and industry standards
  • Continuity for your business, staff, customers and bottom line

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As your security consultant and systems provider, we’re able to help with all aspects of security management, security methodology and implementation. From conducting a security audit to providing a vulnerability assessment, our processes ensure a comprehensive approach is taken to ensure your long-term business protection.

If you would like to discuss security and risk management for your business, please contact us to arrange your free of charge surveyor visit.

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