What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a thorough evaluation of a premises to identify, minimise and prevent the risks of fire. For your business, carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement that helps ensure the ongoing fire safety of your staff, property and assets.

In the UK, all non-domestic premises must comply with the Government’s Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Under the Order, a ‘responsible person’ must ensure the business fulfils its obligations to reduce the risk of fire and facilitate the safe escape of people. This includes faciliating a Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order was created to simplify previous UK legislation and documentation surrounding fire safety. In the UK, the Fire Safety Order enforces the standards of fire safety that are expected to be followed by the 'responsible person' at all commercial premises.

To help businesses in different sectors comply with the Fire Safety Order, there are a number of guidance documents that each apply to different types of property.

These include:

🏬  Offices and shops
🏭  Factories and warehouses
πŸ›Œ  Sleeping accomodation
🏨  Residential care providers
🏫  Educational premises
🎭  Theatres, cinemeas and similar premises
🏟️  Open air events and venues
πŸ₯  Healthcare premises
🐴  Animal premises and stables
πŸš›  Transport premises and facilities

There are also guidance documents available for small / medium places of assembly (300 people or less) and large places of assembly (over 300 people).

You can find these guides on the GOV.UK website >


For every UK business, adherence to the Fire Safety Order falls to the 'responsible person'. This also applies to owners/landords of multi-occupied residential properties. 

You are responsible person if you are the employer, business owner, landlord of the property, an occupier of the property or someone with responsibility for managing the property e.g. a Facilities Manager or Managing Agent.

If there are more than one responsible persons, this will require you to work together.


To meet the requirements of the Fire Safety Order, the responsible person should follow the following 5 steps:

πŸ”₯  1. Identify the fire hazards within the premises

πŸ”₯  2. Identify who may be especially at risk

πŸ”₯  3. Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk

πŸ”₯  4. Record findings, create an emergency plan, inform and train relevant persons

πŸ”₯  5. Review and update the building Fire Risk Assessment regularly

To ensure your Fire Risk Assessment requirements are addressed in full, it is recommended to employ the services of competent Fire Risk Assessment companies, like ourselves, who can help you take care of your business requirements.

what is included within our fire risk assessment service?

The assessment aims to provide you with a suitable plan for your ongoing fire risk management.

A Fire Risk Assessment by Allcooper incorporates the following elements:

βœ…  A site survey by one of our fully-qualified Fire Risk Consultants

βœ…  Total risk estimation

βœ…  Recommended Action Plan

βœ…  Fire safety maintenance checklist

βœ…  Fire Plan

βœ…  Recommended date for review

βœ…  Completion of a formal FRA document

We work with your responsible person to ensure that the assessment is comprehensive in providing the compliance with fire safety legislation that you need. Any recommendations made within the assessment will always aim to provide the required level of protection in the most cost-effective way.

On completion of the assessment you will receive a thorough written report covering all of the elements listed above. This is available in both electronic and printed formats.

How often should the Fire Risk Assessment be reviewed?

It is recommended that you employ a competent person / company to review your Fire Risk Assessment on an annual basis - however you should always review your Risk Assessment following any significant change to your building. This could include changes to its layout, the people accessing the building on a regular basis or the introduction of new equipment or technology.

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Our Fire Safety Consultants can provide all the Fire Risk Assessment guidance you need. Each holds a Fire Protection Association (FPA) qualification in the completion of Fire Risk Assessments, so they are fully competent to carry out this service for you. They also have a wider knowledge and experience of fire safety and security solutions, and will be pleased to offer further advice about these solutions should you wish.

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