What is an Addressable Fire Alarm System?

A conventional or addressable fire alarm system is essential for your business safety. Addressable fire alarm systems differ from conventional systems.

An addressable fire alarm means all devices linked to the system (such as smoke detectors) have an ‘address’ or location. This means if a device is triggered, the addressable fire alarm panel will show exactly which device it was and where it is located in the building.

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Benefits of an addressable fire alarm

As an addressable fire alarm allows you to pinpoint individual devices, it can be more efficient than a conventional system, which can only highlight which ‘zone’ of the building has detected a potential fire. This allows you to save time in your efforts to find the source of a fire and take appropriate measures. Because of this feature, installing an addressable fire alarm panel is often the more expensive option, however this can depend on the size of your building.

Our surveyors will be happy to advise you on the differences and recommend the best fire alarm control panel for you, based on your specific needs and budget.

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