Fire Alarm Services from Allcooper

Fire is a serious risk to your business. Therefore, a fire alarm system is a crucial part of any business’s safety provision. Without one, you could be putting your entire existence at risk should the unthinkable happen.

Allcooper install and maintain fire alarm systems for businesses of all sizes. Our complete service begins at the initial survey, through to tailored design, professional installation, maintenance, reporting and ongoing 24-hour monitoring.

Fire alarm installation, maintenance & monitoring

Fire alarm installation

Once you have reviewed our recommendations based on your requirements, your fire alarm system will be installed by our skilled engineers.

Whether your new system is a hard-wired or wireless fire alarm system, it will include all the key components needed to effectively arm your business to detect signs of fire at all times.

You will have a control panel (to manage the system), linked to a combination of commercial smoke detectors and heat detectors. Your system will also comprise of internal and external sounders (audible alarms) and emergency break-glass devices.


Once installed, we will regularly maintain your commercial fire alarm. This ensures your system continues to work effectively, so there are no potential lapses in your safety.

Our engineers will carry out a fire alarm inspection (to check your devices are in good working order) and fire alarm testing (to verify the devices are doing what they need to do).

If you already have a system in place, but would like Allcooper to take responsibility for its maintenance, in most cases, we can ‘take over’ systems installed by other fire alarm companies. Usually, a system health check will be required to ensure the equipment is effective.

Fire alarm system monitoring

In addition to fire alarm servicing, we provide 24-hour monitoring services for your alarm. This is essential as it ensures that you are notified as soon as any sign of fire is detected.

Knowing about a fire early means instant action can be taken and losses can be significantly reduced. In an effort to reduce false alarms, most Fire and Rescue services require visual verification (of a fire) before they will attend.

Without monitoring, you have no way of knowing about a fire until it is potentially too late. In fact, you’re entirely reliant on a member of your staff or the public calling the Brigade.

If you have remote access to CCTV systems on your site that enable you to verify a fire, this can be a very efficient solution.


  • Addressable fire alarm systems - Addressable systems are when all linked devices (such as smoke detectors) have an ‘address’ or location programmed into the system. This means if a device is triggered, the panel will show exactly which device it was and where it is in the building.
  • Conventional fire alarm systems - Conventional systems don’t allow you to pinpoint which device has been triggered. Instead, areas of the building are sectioned into ‘zones’.

Fire alarm companies offer two options. Addressable systems are generally regarded as the most reliable option (however, conventional systems can be more affordable). Our surveyors are able to recommend the best system for you, based on your specific needs and budget.

If you would like to discuss a fire alarm system for your business with Allcooper, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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