What is Emergency Lighting?

Allcooper provide a range of high quality emergency lighting products. For those responsible for commercial and public premises, provision of these systems is specified within the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, to provide a safe and adequate level of lighting in an emergency situation.

Emergency exit lights are designed to activate when there is a mains power failure, for the purpose of helping people within the premises safely evacuate the building. This is done using a back-up battery as an emergency power supply. The system should incorporate a sufficient number of emergency exit lights and emergency exit signs, to show the quickest and safest route to exiting the building.

Emergency lighting is part of your fire safety provision

Maintaining your emergency lighting system

Routine maintenance ensures your emergency lighting systems will continue to work to their optimum ability. A maintained emergency light has been checked over thoroughly by a competent engineer - this includes emergency light testing, checking of all cables, components and replacement of parts such and bulbs and batteries where necessary. LED emergency lights are now available which provide the lights with better quality and longer-lasting illumination. Over time, a non-maintained emergency light will be more likely to fail, which could put you at risk in an emergency situation.

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