The Risk of Fire

Fire is a serious risk to your business. Becoming a victim of a blaze not only threatens lives and thousands of pounds in potential property damage, it can stop you from trading altogether, with many businesses failing to recover from the significant disruption, loss of property, assets and custom it can cause.

In 2015-16 alone, UK Fire and Rescue Services attended over 31,000 incidents of fire in occupied buildings. This figure includes over 28,000 which were recorded due to accidental causes.

Source: Home Office fire statistics: Fires, fatalities and casualties in dwelling fires by motive and fire and rescue authority

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The importance of safeguarding your business

Why your business needs fire protection

As an employer, business owner, landlord or person responsible for a business premises (Health & Safety / Facilities Manager) you have a responsibility, by law, to ensure a sufficient level of fire protection. These responsibilities are outlined within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and include:

  • Carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of the premises and review it regularly
  • Ensure your employees are aware of the identified risks
  • Put in place, and maintain, appropriate fire safety measures
  • Regularly test your systems and provide a plan for an emergency
  • Provide fire safety instructions and training


Allcooper specialise in providing all the fire protection services you need to fulfil your responsibilities, stay compliant and minimise the risks of fire. We install, maintain and monitor a range of fire detection systems to alert you to the earliest signs of fire. We specialise in advising on the right systems and equipment for your specific needs.

Fire Protection System Design

At the foundation of your business’s fire safety is the installation of a fire alarm system or wireless fire alarm system. You need a system that is designed to meet the unique layout and needs of your buildings. Our experienced surveyors specialise in designing systems to provide the right level of protection and comply with the latest standards for installation and maintenance.

The system will comprise of a central control panel and smoke/heat detection devices. Our fire alarm service extends to 24-hour monitoring - every second is precious so this is an absolutely essential measure to ensure you are notified immediately in the event any signs of fire are detected.


As well as alarm systems, fire protection companies should provide you with a Fire Risk Assessment and options for extinguishing equipment, signage and fire training. We can also provide advice on further equipment including fire protection sprinkler systems and dry riser systems.


Our broad range of fire and security services means you don’t have to rely on multiple providers to keep your business safe. There are countless fire protection companies - why employ the services of a separate security provider and fire protection company when this only leads to twice the amount of administration and people to deal with? With Allcooper, we can help you save hassle and costs by consolidating your systems and contracts under one provider.

If you would like to discuss fire protection services with Allcooper, please contact us to arrange your free of charge surveyor visit.

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