White LED Lights

LED security lights provide brilliant white security light and are now the go-to product for home and business security lighting.

Opting for a white security light with LED technology provides many advantages over the more traditional incandescent lighting products.

Why are LEDs becoming so popular?

The benefits of white LED lights:

  • Long life - White LED lights have a significantly longer lifespan than halogen lights. You can expect an LED security light to last for many years before having to replace any bulbs. In fact, within the average lifespan of a white LED light, you may have had to change a halogen bulb several times.
  • Brightness - White LED lights emit powerful, clean light, best measured in lumens rather than the amount of watts needed for power. When comparing an LED light to a halogen light, the LED can provide the same amount of light as a halogen light, using five times less power. They can be triggered by the LED security light’s motion sensor and PIR technology, and set to be active between dusk and dawn. Alternatively, you can simply choose to switch them on manually.


  • Efficiency - White security lights with LEDs are more efficient and environmentally-friend as they use significantly less energy than halogen lights, yet still create a much stronger light output.
  • Value for money - Although slightly more expensive to purchase initially, over time, you can expect your LED lights to provide great value for money - less power consumption, energy savings, longevity and strong illumination.

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