Benefits of Exterior Lighting

External security lights add an extra layer to the security and visibility of your business premises. Well-lit external areas make it much more difficult for trespassers or potential intruders to exploit the cover of darkness.

Outdoor security lights can also help your staff and visitors feel safer when travelling in and out of your site after dark, especially during the winter months.

Feel safer after dark with effective lighting

Types of exterior security lights

There are various types of outdoor security lights available to brighten up your premises. Our solutions for commercial outdoor lighting are well suited to any business environment, including industrial outdoor lighting, office lighting, school lighting and more.

  • Security floodlights - Outside security lights with strong illumination to light up large areas.
  • Outdoor motion sensor lights - Outdoor sensor lights illuminate when motion is detected.
  • Dusk to dawn security light - These exterior security lights are programmed to come on automatically when it gets dark, and turn off when the sun comes up.
  • Solar security light - Not as popular as other products, but these are simple and inexpensive.

LED or Halogen?

The technology behind security lights has seen a change in trend over recent years.

Traditionally, exterior lighting would use a halogen security light to provide illumination. Now, the use of LED lighting has become more popular, due to their long-term effectiveness and increasing affordability. LED bulbs provide a high level of brightness and can last for several years before having to be replaced.

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