Video Management Software (VMS)

Video management Software (VMS) provides organisations with ultimate control over your business’s surveillance network. We offer several software products to accompany our IP camera systems, each providing detailed analytics and integration with alarms, access control and other compatible security systems.

Who should consider video surveillance software?

This type of solution is most relevant for businesses and organisations with an extensive security requirement. IP camera surveillance software can accommodate hundreds of cameras on one or multiple of servers for integrated management. IP CCTV software is scalable, allowing security managers to cater for future growth and flexibility.

What can VMS offer my business?

In-depth video anaLYTICS

IP CCTV software includes a host of intelligent features for analysing video footage in great detail. These features allow you to use camera surveillance software for more than just security:

  • Motion detection
  • Facial recognition
  • Number plate recognition
  • People counting
  • Crowd management
  • Point of sale integration

Manage multiple sites from one location

IP surveillance software allows you to manage all of your cameras, at all of your sites, from one central location. CCTV camera software is designed to be easy to use, featuring sharp management interfaces and simple access for multiple users.


Receive push notifications when an alarm at your site is triggered. View camera footage automatically recorded when motion is detected. Whilst you continue with your day you can trust that, if anything happens, your security management system software will let you know.


Your IP cam software can link in with alarms and access control systems. For example, you can set up your cameras to record footage when a specific device is triggered or a door is opened. This kind of event-driven management helps you react quickly to address security concerns.

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