Enhanced CCTV & business security monitoring

When it comes to commercial video surveillance systems, most businesses are only experiencing the benefits of having a standalone CCTV system installed at their premises.

And while the use of CCTV is an essential investment for all commercial organisations - both as a security measure and monitoring tool - there's no reason why it can't do much more to add value to your business.

Introducing Remote Video Solutions by Securitas - the business security service that is revolutionising the video surveillance market.


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What are Remote Video Solutions?


A proactive security solution

Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) allow you to combine high-quality video surveillance systems with the added benefits of analytics, 24-hour security monitoring and preventative incident management.

All devices use IP technology and are monitored 24/7 by the Securitas Operations Centre. 

With Securitas managing your system remotely, we can alert you to security threats, closely monitor system health, carry out performance checks and address technical issues without ever needing to visit your site.  It's also completely secure, unlike many other internet video surveillance systems.


How it works in three simple steps

Key benefits

Remote Video Solutions offer businesses a fully managed security service, built on the foundations of the latest electronic security technology and 24-hour alarm monitoring. Some of the key benefits include:

High quality video surveillance

Our Remote Video Solutions packages combine the latest High Definition (HD) security cameras with an intelligent Video Management System for optimal recording and remote viewing capabilities.

View live footage via an App

Your cameras are connected to an App, which will allow you to view live video security footage, from anywhere in the world.

Installation, maintenance and health checks

We'll professionally install, maintain and monitor your CCTV equipment, allowing you to get on with your business while we keep your systems in top shape.

Intelligent video analytics

Camera analytics can be used to identify suspicious activity, when workspaces become crowded, segregation lines are crossed, or assigned zones reach their capacity.

Response through remote services

Unlike traditional commercial video surveillance systems, with RVS, you have the ability to add on a host of advanced features for a more robust and responsive security service.

For example, if there is an incident at your site, we can provide automatic alerts - issued in real-time by a fully-trained operator at the SOC. And with the addition of IP speakers to your Remote Video Solution, audible safety warnings or reminders can be broadcast both on demand and at set times. This is particularly useful for industrial video surveillance systems where there may be a large number of employees working across an extensive site.

Video Verification

When an alert is received, by having an operator with eyes on the scene, they can quickly intervene using loudspeakers and powerful lighting. At the same time, they can instantly dispatch security officers and the authorities, continuing to provide real-time updates to all concerned. Swift and appropriate action is taken, threats are effectively handled, and false alarms are significantly reduced.

Remote Security Escort

Are there times when staff on-site are more at risk? Perhaps walking alone to a remote car park late at night or opening up a building early in the morning. On request, an operator provides a remote escort, scanning the area for danger and then observing the individual via live video until their journey is complete. Employees know their safety is taken seriously. Employers reduce the likelihood of cases with potentially costly consequences.

Remote Area Protection

Vulnerable areas needing greater security, can be cost-effectively protected using high-spec cameras and intelligent video analytics. Behavioural analysis of people, vehicles and objects is carried out by technology in the first instance. Any unusual activity triggers an automatic alarm which an operator can then verify, and if necessary, act upon. Incidents averted. Area secure.

Remote Entry/Exit

For most businesses, it’s not financially viable to man every site entrance and exit. There may also be peaks and troughs in the flow of traffic at guarded access points, which could be more economically managed. Remote entry and exit management solves these problems. Barriers, gates and doors can be opened at a distance, once the necessary visual and verbal security checks are completed by the operator.


Remote Video Patrols

Random patrols during high-risk hours, such as at night, are a proven way of proactively guarding a site. Doing this remotely via strategically placed cameras, allows an operator to check large areas or whole premises faster than an officer on foot. Tighter security is achieved through more frequent patrols, and without the usual overhead.

Business Intelligence

Video can now be used for much more than just security. RVS camera analytics can be programmed to capture data capable of providing valuable business intelligence. It might be linked to consumer behaviour, the operational efficiency of a company or workflow, or to support marketing and HR initiatives. It’s an added value service that can help drive efficiencies across other areas of business, for an even greater overall return on investment.


Packages to suit your needs & budget

We offer three RVS packages which, following the completion of a site survey and risk analysis, we will recommend according to your business size and surveillance needs:

RVS View

For organisations with cameras already in place

RVS View turns an evidential CCTV system into a more responsive and effectual security measure.
This is done through the addition of a connection to the Securitas Operations Centre for monitoring and delivery of remote services.


For small to medium-sized companies (supports up to 16 cameras)

The RVS Go package allows customers to have access to the complete range of remote services and also includes new camera hardware, system maintenance and monitoring.


For companies with high security needs (supports unlimited cameras)

RVS Pro is intended for organisations requiring an integrated, fully managed VMS Video Monitoring Service. It is compatible with over 5,000 camera models, thanks to the industry-leading Milestone Video Management platform at its centre.

Keeping people safe on their return to work

As businesses prepare for the easing of lockdown restrictions enforced by COVID-19, ensuring safe environments for staff and customers is a critical responsibility.

Remote Video Solutions can help you make sure workplace social distancing is followed and manage the flow of people throughout your premises.

Using intelligent video analytics, the capabilites of Remote Video Solutions can enable you to:

  • Keep staff at a safe distance
  • Receive automatic alerts when distancing rules aren’t observed
  • Issue audio safety reminders
  • Use the App to view live video anywhere

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