What is a PTZ Security Camera?

A PTZ camera (Pan Tilt Zoom camera) allows the operator to remotely control the camera’s movements, and to manually adjust the live images being recorded.

How is a PTZ camera controlled?

The camera’s lens can be moved left to right, up and down, and zoomed in or zoomed out. This is done via network-based video surveillance software or a joy stick connected to the recording hardware.

Robust and flexible surveillance cameras

Where are they usually deployed?

PTZ cameras make it easy to watch over large areas such as car parks, warehouses and schools. The ability to manually control the camera’s viewpoint is great for focusing on specific areas of an environment, suspicious individuals and unfolding activity.

Common types of ptz security camera

The most common type of PTZ camera is a PTZ dome camera. These feature round lenses that depending on the model, can pan up to 360°, allowing for wide coverage of an area.

A PTZ IP camera (or PTZ network camera) offers the best quality and functionality, because it can be connected to your business’s computer network. This allows for HD megapixel images and remote access, giving you the ability to view and control the PTZ IP camera via a mobile phone or tablet device. What is an IP security camera?

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