What is an IP Security Camera?

IP (Internet Protocol) technology has revolutionised the capabilities of CCTV camera systems for businesses. That’s because an IP camera (or network camera) works differently to a traditional analogue camera. IP CCTV cameras are connected by a computer network, with footage able to be stored on a Network Video Recorder as well as being uploaded to a secure cloud. The cloud is the name for an internet-based network where data can be stored. 

Analogue cameras can only transfer and store images locally to a Digital Video Recorder.

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Experienced in IP solutions

Our business team delivered Allcooper’s first IP cameras for a customer in 2001. The client wanted to monitor a site - from a 20-storey rooftop in Canary Wharf. This was cutting-edge at the time, and an example of Allcooper’s innovative spirit. We work hand-in-hand with your own staff to deliver the vital bridge between Facilities and IT departments, seamlessly meeting the very different demands of each.


A network camera is much more versatile than a standalone analogue camera. The main benefit is that these CCTV cameras can deliver much better images, at higher resolutions and frame rates. There’s an instantly noticeable difference in quality - and once you see this for yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll want to go back to using analogue cameras. The good news is that in recent years the average cost of a CCTV camera with IP capability has significantly reduced, meaning an IP solution is also much more affordable than you may think.

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  • High definition (HD) image resolution
  • Infared (IR) for clear images at night and in low-light conditions
  • Access to your IP CCTV cameras on the go via your smartphone or tablet
  • Zooming and ability to adjust image settings


A wireless IP camera can provide all of the same benefits, but simply without the need for wires. A wireless IP camera is instead powered by batteries and uses wireless internet networks to transfer video footage. These systems are generally suited to smaller installations. We would recommend a wired solution for a more robust business solution.


A hidden IP camera can be installed either on a permanent or temporary basis. These systems are particularly useful when trying to catch individuals being abusive, or being anti-social. We can also install these systems to verify the activities of cleaners and other workers, who may be in breach of company rules. Thanks to IP, and with the correct authority levels, these images can be reviewed over the internet at any time.

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