What is an Alarm System Takeover?

We are often asked by businesses to undertake a security system takeover. Our experienced team are able to review the effectiveness of your existing security systems, give our recommendations for their improvement, and successfully bring them under our care.

Our alarm system takeovers are available to businesses that have an existing alarm system already in place, but wish to have their system reviewed and maintained by Allcooper. There are a number of reasons why a customer may come to Allcooper for their burglar alarm servicing. It may be due to inheriting an existing alarm when moving into a new premises, or perhaps due to experiencing poor service from another company.

We'll take great care of your systems for long-term security

What does an existing system takeover involve?

Allcooper are able to take over a variety of systems, including intruder alarms, fire safety equipment, CCTV and Access Control systems. In each instance, we will always follow our tried-and-tested takeover process, where an initial site visit is arranged to help us clearly understand your needs.

Our dedicated engineers are able to thoroughly test and inspect your existing security system, and identify whether it is possible for us to take over its ongoing care. They can also make sensible recommendations for system upgrades or enhancements that will benefit the long-term safety and compliance of your business.


If you have a security system which was previously monitored, we can take on this service for you too. Our surveyor can discuss the monitoring options we have available with you when assessing the overall requirements of your security system takeover. Please ask if you’d like our advice on ways to monitor existing alarm system / systems for your business.

If you would like to discuss an existing system takeover for your business, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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