Why go wireless with my security system?

The introduction of wireless technology has enabled business owners to benefit from certain advantages when it comes to their security alarms.

Simplicity: Without the need for extensive cabling, installations of intruder alarms have become simpler and quicker to complete. This means they can be more cost-effective when compared to the installation of an intruder alarm system connected by wires.

Flexibility: Individual devices such as sensors can be moved or relocated without the need to carry out any rewiring, in turn minimising costs and fuss.

Reliability: As long as batteries are replaced regularly and when necessary, wireless burglar alarms are just as effective as wired systems.

Adaptability: With the future in mind, a wireless intruder alarm can be simply adapted to accommodate programming changes, additional detection and monitoring services.

Wire-free security for your business

Do I have to go wireless?

Not at all. Wireless alarms are actually fairly new to the market. The majority of business alarm systems installed are still wired, but it really depends on your specific premises. For example, wire-free systems are sometimes better suited to certain environments where wiring is more difficult. If you’re unsure of what system might work best for you, our surveyors are well-placed to provide advice on the various options available for your business burglar alarm, fire or CCTV system.


Investing in a monitored burglar alarm ensures you are the first to know about any activations. Find out more about linking your wireless intruder alarm to our dedicated monitoring service.

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