What are Monitored Alarm Systems?

Monitored alarms are designed to alert you to the first sign of intrusion or fire. If activated, your alarm will send a signal to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a phone line, mobile or IP network.

If your alarm is triggered, the ARC will act immediately to notify you and initiate a quick and appropriate response. Wired and wireless alarm monitoring is available, depending on the set up of your system.

Guaranteed response to any alarm activation

Alarm monitoring response options


On receipt of a signal, the ARC will call you and any keyholders to notify you of the activation, so that immediate action can be taken, such as attending the property to investigate.


On receipt of a signal, as well as contacting your selected keyholders, the ARC will notify the Police (providing certain circumstances are met). Click here for more about Police Response.

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) - A 24/7 monitoring facility dedicated to responding to alarm signals.
Keyholders - Persons nominated by you who can attend the property and manage the alarm, if activated.
Signal - The electronic message sent from the alarm system to the ARC with details of the activation.

Why alarm monitoring makes sense for your business

Suffering at the hands of theft or fire is a serious risk to any size business. As well as material losses, damage and risk to your staff, there’s the hassle and disruption that comes with it. Perhaps most costly is the potential loss of trade. If your business was forced to close for a day, how much would it actually cost you? Many businesses never recover.

For your business continuity, ensuring your security and safety systems are monitored represents a wise and cost-effective investment, especially as alarm monitoring costs are likely to be significantly less than those resulting from a break-in or fire. Using an alarm monitoring company means you will know about a risk to your business at the earliest opportunity, so it can be dealt with quickly. This significantly improves the ability to catch an intruder, fight a fire or address a business-critical issue.


In addition to burglar alarm monitoring, in collaboration with our partner alarm monitoring company, we can respond to activations from a variety of security and safety systems, including your fire alarm and CCTV. However, this technology doesn’t stop at just security. Our alarm monitoring service can allow you to monitor almost any business-critical appliance or system, from server rooms and freezers to monitoring a power supply.

All of our monitored alarms are covered by your Service Contract, so you always benefit from ongoing maintenance and support. We do not offer "no contract alarm monitoring."

If you would like to discuss alarm monitoring services for your business, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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