Allcooper have been installing intruder alarm systems to protect businesses for over 30 years

An intruder alarm is your first line of defence and the foundation for your overall security strategy. We offer you a complete service, from an initial site visit and survey, through to the installation, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of your system.

We offer a range of commercial alarm systems, each professionally designed and specified by our experienced surveyors. These include traditional wired alarm systems as well as security alarm systems that utilise the latest wireless technology.

We offer a range of intruder alarm options

Wireless intruder alarm system

A wireless intruder alarm allows you to secure your business premises and protect your assets without the need for extensive cabling.

These intruder alarms instead use radio frequencies which allow individual devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. Devices such as motion detectors, keypads and door contacts are battery-powered, making them easy to install and flexible for future adjustments or additions to the overall system.

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Intruder alarm maintenance

Every intruder alarm system we install is accompanied by a Service Contract. This contract ensures you and your system are supported by a set of important benefits. One of the key benefits of your contract is regular system maintenance. Intruder alarms that are not maintained are likely to develop faults over time. Consistent maintenance from our skilled engineers will ensure your system continues to provide the same high level of protection as when it was first installed.

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Monitored alarm systems

Monitored alarm systems include a link to our partner Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This service is active 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and is dedicated to monitoring the status of your burglar alarm systems. If triggered by a potential criminal or system failure, monitored alarms send signals instantly to the ARC via a combination of paths, such as a dedicated phone line, mobile network or IP connection. Upon receipt of the signal, you will be notified immediately so fast action can be taken to address the issue. There are several options for initiating the most appropriate response including contacting specific keyholders, the Police or professional keyholding companies.

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If you would like to discuss an intruder alarm system with for your business, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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