Alarm Systems for Business

You want to secure your business, so where do you start? Having a professional and reliable burglar alarm system installed is a great first step. Your alarm system will provide a strong layer of protection against the threat of intruders or vandals, who may set out to steal your assets or break into to your property.

All professional commercial alarm systems should be regularly maintained and ideally, monitored. Maintenance will keep your burglar alarm system working at optimal performance, whilst monitoring will ensure you are notified immediately if the alarm system is triggered by a potential intruder.

alarm systems for business

Our alarms protect thousands of businesses across the UK

Business alarms from Allcooper

Our business alarms are simple to use and designed to complement your daily routines.

Office alarm systems can even be programmed to turn off utilities such as your power or water supply when you set the alarm at night, and turn them back on when you unset the system in the morning.

Alarm systems for any sector

Allcooper alarms secure businesses, people and property in a wide range of sectors:

  • Public sector
  • Offices
  • Sport and leisure
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Transport and distribution
  • Charitable organisations

We love being challenged!

If your business has a very specialist or sensitive security requirement, please contact us - all of our solutions are personally designed to meet your unique needs - we have many years' experience of helping organisations overcome a variety of security and safety hurdles.
If you would like to discuss business alarm systems with Allcooper, please contact us to arrange your free of charge surveyor visit.

experts in specialist environments

We’re proud to help protect thousands of organisations across a wide variety of sectors.

  • Schools - We’ve been looking after school alarm systems across Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties for over two decades. Through our experience and understanding of the school environment, we help bursars and business managers ensure the continual protection of their school, pupils, staff and reputation. Allcooper can also look after your school fire alarm, CCTV and other required safety systems. Discover how AC360 can help your school.
  • Retail - Security and safety solutions for independent retailers and well-known brands with branches nationwide. From shop security alarm systems to integrated CCTV, fire detection and tagging systems, we can help secure your staff, customers, premises and assets. In addition to installing your store alarm system, we will provide ongoing maintenance, monitoring and support.
  • Construction - Allcooper can provide robust security technology for long-term and short-term building and electrical projects. Whether you require a temporary solution or are looking to build a professional system into your project, we’ll work closely alongside your team and within your timescales.
  • Rural - If you are a farmer, land-owner or you own a rural property, security can be a major concern. You may have valuable machinery at risk of theft, or you may simply want to feel less vulnerable in your home. We offer tailored rural security solutions to protect your assets and increase your peace of mind. Even in the most remote areas, our alarm systems can work wirelessly without the need for mains power. You can even use our wireless CCTV and perimeter detection products to monitor livestock, footpaths and boundaries to your land.
  • Churches - Religious buildings are repeatedly victims of lead theft, vandalism and arson. The effects are not only devastating for caretakers, but surrounding communities too. Allcooper provide church alarm systems, church roof alarms, CCTV and fire safety products to deter thieves and prevent criminal activity from taking place.

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