Smoke Screen Security

In the unfortunate event of a break-in, this security system is designed to deter intruders by filling a room with dense security smoke.

The system is typically linked to an Intruder Alarm System - if the alarm is triggered by an intruder, the security smoke is instantly deployed by a smoke screen generator, which rapidly fills the room so the intruder cannot see. Although harmless to breathe in, the instant lack of visibility causes the intruder to panic and escape, usually with nothing.

Burglars can't steal what they can't see

What is a smoke cloak?

A Smoke Cloak System (or Smoke Cloak) is a well-known type of Fog Security System, introduced to the market by a company called SmokeCloak. Allcooper are experienced in working with the leading manufacturers of smoke screen security systems, who include market leaders such as SmokeCloak and PROTECT.

Do I need smoke cloak?

Security Fog Systems can be considered as part of your overall security survey. They are a proactive measure, designed to significantly reduce potential losses should you suffer a break-in.

These systems can be used to protect a range of business environments, but are commonly used by retailers such as jewellers, who have high-value items on display to the public. Our surveyors can discuss the options available and whether this type of solution is right for your business, depending on your risk and budget.

If you would like to discuss security fog, smoke cloak or would like a smoke cloak system installed for your business, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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