What is SmartWater (Smart water security)?

SmartWater is an anti-theft system used for property marking and burglary prevention.

The SmartWater anti-robbery system is known worldwide to be an effective criminal deterrent, deployed by homeowners, businesses and used extensively by the Police to recover stolen items.

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How is the smartwater anti-robbery system used?

SmartWater comes in either a liquid or spray form and contains a unique forensic code, registered to your business or property. If items are recovered that have been marked with the SmartWater forensic coding system, they can be traced back to their original owners. Equally, criminals who are caught and marked with SmartWater liquid or spray can be traced back to the scene of a crime.

Forensic property marking with smart water security

This involves applying a SmartWater forensic, liquid-form solution to valuable items you want to protect, such as your stock, computer devices, vehicles and more. The liquid contains a unique forensic code that is registered to your business. It is invisible to the naked eye and almost impossible to remove, but can be seen clearly when put under UV light. If an asset is recovered by the Police, the SmartWater can be analysed and traced directly back to you.


This method integrates SmartWater anti-robbery with your intruder alarm system. If your alarm system is triggered by an intruder, a linked SmartWater sensor will activate a SmartWater device to spray invisible forensic liquid, marking the intruder’s skin, hair or clothing.

SmartWater sensors can be located in any area but are most commonly fitted in areas where an intruder may enter the building, increasing the chance of marking them with the spray. If caught, an intruder marked with SmartWater anti-theft has unquestionable evidence of their involvement in a crime.

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