Door Entry Security for Your Business

Door entry systems provide an extra layer of security for your building as they can help you better manage who can and cannot access your premises.

There are several variations of entry systems, ranging from audio entry, combined audio and video entry, to more comprehensive Access Control solutions.

Identify and verify callers to your premises

What is a video entry system?

A video entry system (or video intercom system) allows you speak to, and see a visitor to your premises, before deciding whether or not to grant them access. A video door intercom is most commonly used for main reception doors, to enhance security by giving better visibility and control of people accessing your building. This also helps to protect a receptionist who may be lone-working in this space.

Wireless video entry system

The increased use and availability of wireless technology has made this an equally cost-effective solution for your video door entry system. Choosing a wireless door entry system can provide some advantages over a hard wired video intercom.

For example, because there is no need to implement wiring, a wireless video intercom installation is neater and quicker. Wireless devices also allow for portability, so you can view and control your video door intercom from anywhere in your building.

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