What is a Proximity Reader?

Many of our door entry systems use proximity readers and proximity cards to control access to doors included within your Access Control solution.

A proximity reader is a contactless card reader that can be programmed to trigger an electronic door lock when receiving information from a contactless proximity card.

Proximity technology for Access Control

How does this technology work?

When a proximity card is held near to a proximity card reader, the reader will receive uniquely encoded information from the proximity card.

If the information is accepted, the reader will grant access and unlock the door. Contactless cards have a set range within which they can be detected by the contactless card reader.

Hid access control cards

You may have heard of a HID proximity card (or HID card). HID Global are one of the most world’s leading suppliers of secure identity equipment for access control systems.

Allcooper have experience of using HID prox cards as part of our systems. These are usually most suited to large organisations where access is required by a large number of people. If you specifically require a HID card and reader solution, we can help.

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