Using Fingerprints for Biometric Security

Fingerprints are used by thousands of organisations across the globe for the purposes of identification. That’s because our fingerprints are a characteristic that stay unique to us, as individuals, for our entire lives.

It's likely you'll associate the use of fingerprints with the Police or a crime scene, but now, fingerprints are being used increasingly as part of security systems, to improve the safety and security of people, property and assets. In recent years, many large organisations have turned to biometric technology to enhance their security levels.

Our fingerprints are a unique characteristic

What is a biometric finger scanner?

A fingerprint scanner (or fingerprint reader/fingerprint sensor) is a biometric scanner that can be used with an Access Control system to restrict entry to doors and specific areas within a building. It works by scanning a fingerprint and attempting to match it against one that has been pre-stored electronically within the system. If the finger scanner recognises a match, it will grant permission and open the door via a fingerprint lock.

Benefits of using a fingerprint scanner

The main advantage of this type of biometric scanner is that it eliminates issues such as the possible duplication or sharing of swipe cards or fobs. The authorised individual simply has to be there in person in order to operate a biometric device, such as a fingerprint door lock. This makes it an ultra-secure solution. The lack of cards or fobs also means you do not need to purchase them initially or pay for them to be replaced, also helping you make cost savings.


A fingerprint scanner can be integrated with high security door locks to form a biometric fingerprint door lock. Using a fingerprint lock is a simple and highly secure way to secure doors and protect your assets from unauthorised staff or visitors. These solutions are commonly deployed in corporate organisations and public sites where there are a large number of people who require access.

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