Who is accessing your building?

Can you be confident that the only people able to access your building are those who have the authorisation to do so?

If not, the safety of your staff and assets could be compromised. One solution to improve your security is to install security intercom systems.

More about intercom systems

Managing visitors with a door intercom system

A door intercom allows you to manage exactly who is able to enter your premises or specific parts of your building through the secured door. If a door intercom is installed, a visitor must request access before they can enter. This is done by speaking directly to a designated person, such as a receptionist or security guard, through an audible intercom. The system can be hard wired or wireless. A wireless intercom system uses radio technology to connect devices within the system without the need for wiring, reducing installation time. With a wireless door intercom, the receiver does not need to be located in a permanent location. It’s portable, so the occupant can manage the door on the move.

Secure access for staff

Intercom systems can be integrated with Access Control technology such as swipe cards or access fobs, which can be used to grant access to staff and other authorised personnel. The combination of visitor management and staff access means everyone able to access the building can be accounted for.


A door intercom system that utilises cameras is called a video intercom. At the same time as conversing with the occupant at the door, the visitor will be captured on CCTV. This enhances security by allowing the occupant to seek visual verification before granting access. Video systems are also a deterrent as potential intruders will not want to be seen on camera.


For larger-scale door control, intercom systems can be linked to your business’s computer network. This type of system is called an IP intercom. The network can be used to link multiple systems together for better flexibility, performance and recording of information.

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