What is an Audio Door Entry System?

Audio door entry systems are a commonly used type of door access control. Also known as an audio intercom system or entry phone systems, they can be deployed in commercial or residential buildings to manage visitors and prevent unauthorised access.

A visitor must ‘call’ the occupant via the entry phone system in order to speak to the occupant. This is typically located by the door. These systems can also be integrated with a camera to create a video entry system.

Converse with visitors to your business

Using door entry phones

If the door is called, the occupant can speak to the visitor via the door entry phone. This allows them to ask the visitor to identify themselves and the reason for their visit, before deciding whether or not to grant access to the building. The door entry phone is linked to a device that controls the door lock, which is manually controlled by the occupant.

Wireless intercom system

We can provide a range of hard wired or wireless solutions. A wireless intercom system uses radio signals to communicate between devices. This removes the need for wiring between the main entry panel and receiver, leading to benefits such as quicker installation time and portability.

It also allows you to have a number of intercoms located in the building, not just in one location. By understanding your business and access requirements, our surveyors will advise on the best option for you.

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