What is Access Control?

An Access Control system provides high levels of controlled access for your building.

This includes securing doors and specific rooms with electronic locks that can be controlled using a range of technology.

Whether it’s just one door or a complex site with perimeter issues, Allcooper can provide the right solution to meet your requirements.

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Using Access Control to help protect your business

Why use access control systems?

Your Access Control system forms the basic building block of your long-term integrated security strategy. You have to control who comes into your organisation, when, and what areas of the organisation they are allowed to gain entry to. Without this, your staff, their property, your assets, your critical data and Intellectual Property are all at risk.

Types of access control system

We have a wide variety of building access control systems. From simple code systems to biometric solutions, we will provide the solution that is right for you. Some have wider features such as cashless vending, visitor management, HR integration and time and attendance registration.


Door Entry systems can use a variety of techniques to control entry. These include devices such as a keypad door lock, proximity readers, smart cards, swipe cards and fobs. Advanced systems also offer video and audio entry for greater visibility and management of individuals accessing particular areas.


The latest door access systems utilise biometric technology. Regarded as the future of door access control, biometric systems offer unique identification methods such as fingerprint scanning, iris scanning and facial recognition. Many schools are taking advantage of this method with their students. Allcooper can seamlessly integrate biometric technology with traditional access devices to provide comprehensive security.

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