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Keeping your business secure is critical to its success. You need to be confident that your people, property and assets are protected against the unexpected.

From security alarm systems to the latest in CCTV surveillance, Allcooper have over 30 years’ experience of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Protection, compliance and continuity

Across our product range, we focus on providing you with the most innovative and cost-effective technology. We offer a full portfolio of security and safety solutions, making it easy to choose Allcooper as your single partner for ongoing protection, compliance and continuity.


alarm systems for business
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Security & fire safety for businesses across Birmingham

Our Systems

Using best-of-breed technology to protect your business.

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Intruder Alarm System (Burglar Alarm System)
Installing a commercial alarm system for your business premises is the first step towards ensuring a basic level of security. The purpose of an Intrusion Detection System is to provide a strong deterrent and electronic layer of protection, in the event an intruder attempts to break-in to your building.

If triggered, the Intruder Alarm will sound. The raised alarm will either deter the intruder altogether, or significantly minimise the time spent on your premises, and the damage they may cause. To receive an immediate notification and quicker response to an alarm activation, you should consider adding our Monitoring Service to your system.

There are several factors to consider, such as choosing between a wired or wireless alarm system, or whether Police response is necessary. Our Surveyor will talk you through the options available and recommend a system that works best for the unique requirements of your business.

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Fire Protection Services
Allcooper design, install and maintain a range of fire protection systems to keep your people and premises safe against the risks of fire.

Initially, we will normally recommend a review of your existing Fire Risk Assessment and fire safety provisions, to establish your current level of risk. From this, we are then able to recommend solutions that will ensure you are fully-compliant to the regulations of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

Key products include Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Extinguishers.

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Our CCTV systems deliver High Definition (HD) surveillance, allowing you to watch over and protect your business with the most advanced cameras and recording products on the market.

Utilising your IP network, our IP systems record and store larger amounts of data when compared to traditional 'analogue' systems. This allows for better quality images and storage capability, with incredible end results.

If you have an analogue system, we can even upgrade your system to HD using your existing infrastructure (subject to survey). 

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Access Control
Systems to help you manage how people access and move around your buildings. Access Control allows you to secure doors and high-risk/sensitive areas from unauthorised staff and visitors.

Access Control systems can be integrated with CCTV and alarms to solidify your overall security strategy. Devices include electronic readers (for access cards and fobs), electronic locks and biometric systems for advanced ID recognition. 

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We're proud to employ a highly-skilled team of Installation Engineers, all with vast experience of fitting business alarm systems, CCTV, Access Control and other state-of-the-art security products.

Your Burglar Alarm installation will be carried out carefully, efficiently and discreetly to ensure the running of your business is not disrupted.

Ongoing Maintenance & System Takeovers

With all our installations, you'll be offered a Service Contract. This contract will include regular, preventative maintenance of your systems, as well as host of other benefits.

Maintenance is crucial to ensuring your systems continue to perform effectively, and meet the requirements of your insurer.

If you have an existing system and you are not happy with your current maintenance provider, Allcooper can offer you a System Takeover. We'll be able to thoroughly assess the effectiveness of your current system, and if necessary, provide our recommendations for bringing it up to standard.

You'll be offered a Service Contract to transfer its maintenance over to us, so you can rest easy knowing you're in our safe hands.

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Security Consultancy Services

How often does your business review and consider its long-term security strategy? Protecting your people, property and assets is a major responsibility. Failing to provide suitable measures and practices for security is a risk not worth taking - for compliance, life safety and business interruption. 

Our range of consultancy services are designed to ensure your business ticks all the boxes for ongoing security and fire protection. We'll work closely with you asses your risk, policies and system design, leaving no stone unturned.

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