Perimeter protection helps improve your external security

You may want to protect the things most precious to you with a level of external security.

Perimeter security systems use covert technology to create an unseen wall of protection around your property, ready to alert you to the presence of an intruder at the very earliest opportunity.

Detecting potential intruders at the earliest opportunity

How does perimeter security work?

A perimeter security system is designed to offer a very early warning to intrusion. Perimeter security products include surface, buried, weight-sensing, laser and analytical solutions, and are typically integrated with an existing intruder detection system.

If an intruder is detected attempting to enter the areas surrounding the property, then an intruder alert is instantly sent to the alarm system to warn the owner or security team of the potential threat.

About our perimeter protection solutions

At the beginning of a given project, we would help draw up a plan to blend security into your property’s grounds and perimeter. Working in conjunction the client’s design team, this will include liaising with housekeepers and landscape architects, who must be fully-aware of the plans and requirements for installation. The aim is always to minimise the impact on the landscape, with many systems buried underground to provide a truly hidden security protection system.

In addition to an intruder detection system, perimeter protection can also be linked to a CCTV system to create a perimeter surveillance system. If the perimeter detection system is triggered, then CCTV cameras can be used to visually verify the threat and identify the potential intruder.


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