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Allcooper are turning up the heat on the competition by expanding their product range to include fire extinguishers. Gloucester-based fire and security specialists, Allcooper are turning up the heat on the competition by expanding their product range to include fire extinguishers.
Allcooper has been installing, servicing and maintaining a wide variety of security and fire safety systems since 1987. In addition to CCTV and intruder alarms, the firm has a high degree of expertise in fire protection and alarm systems.

In the course of providing these services, the company’s engineers frequently see inadequate or incorrect use of fire extinguishers in homes and businesses, and together with a desire to give customers a more holistic package; this prompted Allcooper to expand its fire safety offering.

Allcooper Chairman, Gerard Cooper said:

“Everything that Allcooper does is backed by the knowledge and expertise acquired from over 20 years’ work in this area. This expansion is in part based upon the demand we have been experiencing from our customers, but is more about our concern that choosing and installing fire extinguishers is more complex than most people appreciate.”

“It is all too easy for a home or business to have too few fire extinguishers; to choose the wrong type or the wrong location. And while it can be tempting to cut corners to keep costs down, there are some very stringent regulations governing this area and the consequences of getting it wrong can be catastrophic,” he added.

The new product range includes water, foam and powder extinguishers as well as glow-in-the-dark signs and other ancillary items. These are all manufactured to the highest standards and where applicable, carry the relevant BS kitemark.

Dedicated engineers at Allcooper have successfully completed intensive training, provided by British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) to qualify them to recommend, install and service this new line of fire protection equipment.

On top of that, the family business has invested in a number of brand new vehicles, which have been professionally kitted out for the job.

It is hoped the diversification will be welcomed by consumers who are looking for a cost-effective solution to their fire safety obligations and needs.  


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